Abstract Modern Art

Abstract Modern Wall Art is a great form of Painting that allows the artist and viewer to come to different conclusions about what they see. Colors hit the canvas in such a way that they immediately strike a cord that says ” that’s my favorite color” . The Artist can stop at that point because color captures emotion.

abstract art with music and notes
depths of color accent the musical experience this painting provides

In the example above you have depths of color with a theme of music. With the music example you have the keys to the piano releasing a symphony of colors with each note played.

Abstract Forest Modern Art Painting

The example above is a form of modern abstract art that brings you to a familiar place…The Woods and Nature. It suggests that far more is present than just woods with the Nebula Sky.

abstract art in circular vibrations
original abstract blue vibrations painting available as a custom high end t-shirt matched to your wall art

In this final example Abstract Modern Art has no subject as it focuses on blends of color and vibrations. The Art speaks to the viewers in different ways since no single subject is present to compare it to.

Modern Abstract Art is a great addition to your walls and this artist can customize colors , content and size to your specific needs.

Michael John Valentine entered the art world at The Canton Art Institute at the age of 8 years old. His seat in the turret of an old castle still brings memories.