Michael John Valentine

Michael John Valentine Mixed Media Artist


My Wall Art can be seen on this website 

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About Me

My Background


I studied art at The Canton Art Institute as a child and later graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Fine and Professional Arts. As a professional photographer my work has been published in magazines and is the start of all my Mixed Media Acrylic Embellished works on canvas.

My Medium


Mixed Media starts with the perfect photograph printed on the best canvas and embellished with acrylic paints. With this process every canvas is unique down to the size you want, color range you need and the style from Impressionism to Abstract Art.

My Inspiration

Architecture with accents on color and highlighted with acrylic paints

I use my Nikon and DJI Hasselblad Drone to capture nature, people and amazing architecture. My inspiration comes mostly from the beauty of nature and how it naturally flows.

Mixed Media Art


The Haceta Head Lighthouse

Check out this on location video from Oregon