Black Wildfire Guitar Abstract Wall Art 26 x 40 in studio


Black Wildfire Guitar Abstract Wall Art 26 x 40 in studio

Black Wildfire Guitar Abstract Wall Art 26 x 40 in studio

This painting features overpainting in select areas by artist Michael John Valentine and is sealed with a glossy protectant.

This is one guitar in a 5 part series. Each guitar can be taken off the art and plugged in and played. The guitar has also been painted and sealed to protect it.

From The Artist

I wanted the abstract art to reflect the sound and energy that can be made with this painting. This is a one of kind creation.


About The Artist

Hello My name is Michael John Valentine and I have been involved making art for over 55 years. I started off at 10 years old at an art institute in Ohio and completed my education at Kent State University with a Bachelors of Fine and Professional Arts Degree.

I have always beed fascinated by photography and spent a great deal of time doing things in the old school dark rooms.

I love the way acrylic paints set up vs the long dry time of oils. Canvas is my go to mixed media surface since it lets me gallery wrap or send out my work in a tube.

I have an actual studio in Huntersville North Carolina just outside Lake Norman. I work part time creating digital at my home and finish things off by going to my studio to paint and finish the creation process.

Lately this new series features plenty of palette knifes of all sizes and colors that jump off the canvas. Splatter technique is one way to categorize this newer collection. Mixed Media suggests that photography, canvas and acrylics all meet up for original abstract works of art.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 36 in

8×10, 16×24, 28×42, 30×63, 18×24